Routine Cleaning of Your Hardwood Flooring

August 16, 2016 by adm_profloors

Hardwood Flooring Tips & Tricks

Dining rooms, kitchens, and living areas are high traffic and should be swept on a daily basis if possible, and mopped once or twice a week. Mop areas of less foot traffic one a month.

Mopping Your Hardwood Flooring

Remember: Water is wood’s worst enemy (even on sealed floors!), so use a damp mop rather than a soaking wet one.

katy hardwood floor installation, katy engineered hardwood flooring, katy Hardwood Flooring, hardwood floor installation katy, engineered hardwood flooring katy , Hardwood Flooring katy Wring your mop out completely of your prepared cleaning solution, and mop in the direction of the wood grain. Keep your water clean, emptying and refilling often. You may need to mix a new batch of your cleaning solution between each bucket of solution.

Once completely damp mopped with your cleaning solution, go back over the entire hardwood floor surface with clean water to rinse. Remember to wring your mop completely before mopping.

Getting on your hands and knees may be required to remove any stuck on debris. In such cases, use a soft cotton cloth to scrub lightly until the area is clean.

How To’s on Simple Hardwood Floor Problems

  • Scuff marks: A bit of baking soda on a damp sponge will erase them.
  • Noticed a stubborn food, water or grease stain on your surface-sealed floor? Always use a commercial cleaner to treat this problem.
  • Hairline cracks in the floor? Don’t panic and attempt to fill them. Dry heat during the winter months causes wood floors to shrink and crack. Cracks should close up during the summer (though using a humidifier can also help).
  • Finish looking dull? Sand the floor lightly and recoat with an additional layer or two. Recoating is necessary about every five to seven years.