Hardwoods vs. Tile Flooring

July 19, 2016 by adm_profloors

Pros & Cons of Hardwoods vs. Tile Flooring

There are many amazing flooring options you can choose for your home. Some people love the warmth hardwoods provide underfoot, while others appreciate the smooth, cleanliness appeal of tile flooring. The range of quality flooring options available offers some distinct advantages and disadvantages of hardwood flooring and tiles to make choosing which.

Hardwood Flooring Pros: If taken care of, hardwood flooring are extremely long-lasting and durable. They can offer relief to allergy suffers. Among durability, easy maintenance adds to the appeal or wood underfoot; sweep or vacuum them when they get dirty and use a wood cleaner every now and then when they need a good shine. Finally, the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to choices for your hardwood floors. You can choose from a number of woods and stains, the thickness of the planks and the pattern in which they are laid.

Hardwood Flooring Cons: Although beautiful, hardwood flooring can be LOUD! Hardwood flooring can also warp and expand when exposed to moisture for too long, and when done right, wood isn’t cheap, especially if you have a large space. Hardwood flooring will show scratches and dents, some like this look and believe it adds character, so if you choose hardwoods you need to be prepared for the inevitable wear and tear that comes with them.

Tile Flooring Pros: Ceramic tile stands up to wear and tear, from mud to spills, and it’s super easy to clean, not to mention the wide variety of low-priced options make ceramic tiles one of the most affordable flooring choices. Other than routine vacuuming and mopping, a tile floor requires little cleaning unless something is spilled on it.

Tile Flooring Cons: Tile has no insulation properties and does nothing to reduce the sound in a room, and while they can withstand heavy foot traffic, they can be easily chipped or cracked if something heavy is dropped on them.

Costs: While the cost of both products vary greatly, tiles are generally much cheaper than floorboards. That being said, there are plenty of cheaper options that still give the illusion of wooden floorboards, such as laminate. Set a realistic budget then assess all of your options.