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Hardwood Flooring

Katy Hardwood Flooring

Whether it’s your first home, or you are sprucing up an existing space, Pro Floors can provide you with the finest hardwood flooring solutions. We have a variety of hardwood flooring options with multiple colors, designs, or textures in a variety of different wood styles.

The experts at our hardwood flooring store will help you choose from our diverse flooring styles including hardwoods, engineered hardwoods, laminate wood flooring, bamboo wood flooring, and lot more. Located in Katy, TX, Pro Floors provides ample choices of wood flooring materials for every room in your home or office.

Hardwood Flooring for Your Home & Office

Discover beautiful and high-end hardwood flooring options for your home and office at Pro Floors. Our wide range of hardwood flooring options will definitely knock your socks off! The hardwood materials offered at our store are not only stylish, but easy to maintain and durable. We understand that choosing a wood flooring material for your home or office needs a lot of thoughtful consideration, with regard to space, décor and usability of the room. The flooring experts at Pro Floors will provide you thorough guidance in the process and will help you choose the right hardwood flooring.

Installing Hardwood Flooring

Here at Pro Floors, we offer a myriad range of hardwood flooring options. From sophisticated luxurious hardwood flooring and engineered hardwoods, we have a hardwood flooring styles for every room décor. Our hardwood flooring experts are passionate about helping you opt for the perfect hardwood floor to suit your space, needs, style and budget. We carry hardwood flooring materials from the top manufacturers such as Earth Werks, Hill, Anderson, Mannington, etc. No matter if your room has the most old-fashioned décor or the most modern one; we have hardwood flooring for all.

Benefits of Installing Hardwood Flooring

  • Creates a warm and inviting ambiance in any room
  • Enhances the style and versatility of your décor
  • Requires least maintenance
  • Is sturdy and can last for decades
  • Minimizes dirt and dust allergies in home
  • Increases the resale value of your home/office

All in all, if you want to improve the décor and value of your home or office, hardwood floors are the way to go. Contact us today to learn more about the hardwood flooring options offered at our store.

Is Hardwood Flooring Right For You?

Want more information on hardwood flooring in your home or business as a flooring solution? Call us at 281-392-4744 or fill out the information below and one of our design consultants will be in touch as soon as possible.